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DECEMBER 2, 2019



David Masser, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 4:30pm with the following in attendance:  Mike Keiser, Vice Chairman; Arthur Masser, Supervisor; Doug Hovey, Zoning Officer; and Jodi Willow, Secretary.

Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to approve the November 4, 2019 meeting minutes, the financial report and the payment of bills. Unanimous.

Correspondence:1)Invitation to the Allenwood Prison Community Relations Board Meeting on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 8am-no one can attend 2) Request for donation from Camp Courage or Maria Hall Hospice 3) Letter from Union County Housing Authority requesting a letter of support for a grant to rehabilitate homes in Union County-it was decided to not send a letter.


Zoning- Doug issued a couple permits last month.  A gentleman has inquired about putting a pet boutique/pet hotel in the Connie’s Constant Clutter location.  Doug told him he would have to apply for a special exception.

Codes/Sewage- None

Engineer- None

Roadmaster- It was noted that Spangler Motors was bought by Murray Motors.  The roads were plowed and the new truck works good.

Solicitor- None

GTMA- The minutes were reviewed prior to the meeting.

Secretary- Motion by Mike Keiser, second by Arthur Masser to adopt Tax Levy Resolution 2019-06, keeping the tax rates the same as last year.  Unanimous.

Old Business- None

New Business- Motion by David Masser, second by Arthur Masser to reappoint Russell Lupold to a 5 yr term on the WRAFD board representing Gregg Township.  Unanimous.

Public Comment- None

Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to adjourn the meeting at 4:40pm.  Unanimous.





OCTOBER 16, 2019


Tom Snoddy, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:30pm with the following in attendance: Dan King, Vice Chairman; Ken Kipp, Treasurer; Gary Umstead, Member; Ryan Runkle, Member; Terry and Seth Snoddy, Citizens; Allen Hornberger, Hornberger Land Surveying; and Jodi Willow, Secretary.

The Secretary read the minutes from the August 21, 2019 meeting.  With one minor correction, the minutes are approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report- The balance as of September 30, 2019 is $205.99.

Public Comment- None

New Business- Allen Hornberger, Hornberger Land Surveying, presented the Final Subdivision Plan for Terry and Sue Snoddy.  They are wanting to subdivide a lot for their son with a home on it.  That home will be torn down and a new one constructed.  The lot was perked by James Sanders and will need a sewage planning module component 1 submitted to DEP signed by Mr. Snoddy, Mr. Sanders, the planning commission, zoning officer and board of supervisors.  The rest of the existing utilities will be shared and handled by a Maintenance and Use Agreement between Mr. Snoddy and his son.  The lot will need to have a waiver approved for a flag lot due to the right of way not meeting the setbacks from the existing buildings.  A flag lot allows an isolated plot of land to be connected to a public street with a narrow strip of land from the isolated lot.  The width of the strip would be at least 25 ft. More details on the flag lot will be posted at the bottom of the minutes.  Motion by Dan King, second by Ken Kipp, to forward the Final Subdivision for Terry and Sue Snoddy to the Board of Supervisors for consideration of approval pending the approval of the DEP sewage module component 1, the certificate of ownership signed and notarized and Union County Planning Commission signature and to forward the plan with a flag lot waiver in lieu of street requirements.  Tom Snoddy abstained from the vote.  The rest of the commission were in favor.  Motion carried.  Tom Snoddy and Doug Hovey signed the DEP sewage planning module.

Union County Planning sent all the townships and boroughs their recommendations on how to handle Agricultural and Woodland Preservation zones.  The commission will pass this to each other to review between meetings. 

Old Business- Moran Industries has bought the Target property.  Tom Snoddy questioned how long a land development plan is good for.  It expires after 5 years.  The NPDES permit for the property was kept active.

Public Comment- None

Motion by Dan King, second by Gary Umstead to adjourn the meeting at 8:24pm.  Unanimous.





A Flag Lot may be allowed where warranted by physical conditions of land form, relative isolation of the lot, existing lot pattern or unusual size or shape of parcels.  A flag lot shall only be considered in accord with the Waiver or Modification procedures of this ordinance(Section 8.1) and in accord with the following criteria:


4.10.1 The narrow strip of land known as the “flag pole” portion of the lot which provides the connection between the lot and the public street shall be a minimum of 20 ft. in width;


4.10.2 The “flag pole” portion of the lot shall be platted with the lot;


4.10.3 The lot area standards for the flag lot shall be the same as for the zoning district in which the lot is to be situated, except that the “flag pole” portion of the lot shall not be included for the purpose of calculation the minimum area;


4.10.4 The “flag pole” access to the lot shall be improved to a mud free and passable condition based upon a minimum construction specification including: width-12 ft; prepare subgrade using -6” of shale; subbase course- 4” of 2A or 2RC.  The specification shall also be indicated on the subdivision plan for the flag lot.  The “flag pole” shall not cross a live stream, ravine, ditch or similar topographic feature without provision of an adequate structure or fill and culvert, according to standards established by the township.

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