Gregg Township is a township of the second class and operates under the guidelines of the Second Class Township Code Act of May 1, 1933. The Township was founded in 1865 and encompasses an area of 15.1 square miles.

A three member Board of Supervisors governs our township. Year 2010 Census reports 4,984 people reside in Gregg Township. Of this number, 3,864 are inmates of the Allenwood Federal Prison Complex located within the Township. The Roadmaster handles approximately 10 miles of township owned roads, and the township operates within a budget of approximately $250,000.00.

Building and Zoning permits are required for improvements within Gregg Township. Zoning has been in place since 1968 and was updated in 1998.

News & Notices

NOTICE FROM REPRESENTATIVE JAMIE FLICK TO GREGG TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS: In order to provide more convenient service to residents of the district living and working in Union County, I will be on hand to meet with constituents to answer questions, discuss topics of interest and address areas of concern at the municipal office buildings in White Deer and Gregg townships.

Members of my staff will also be available to provide free, on-site assistance to residents who are eligible to apply for the 2022 Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program.

The dates and locations scheduled for district office outreach in March and April are as follows:

• White Deer Township Municipal Building, 2191 Creek Road in New Columbia – Thursday, March 30 and Tuesday, April 11, from 9:30 a.m. to noon.

• Gregg Township Municipal Building, 18084 Russell Road, Allenwood – Tuesday, April 4th, from 10am-12pm and Tuesday, May 9th from 10am to Noon.

Upcoming Events